My Items Won’t Sell on eBay

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Selling something is never easy. We now live in an age where we can reach more people with what we have to sell because of the internet. While I’ve found some very interesting items that sold for profit, others have lagged behind after several re-listings.

I thought I had the formula down. I go to the store, Identify items that can make money online, buy them, post online with associated costs accounted for, sell and profit. As with most things in life, the plan doesn’t always happen as mapped out. After selling shoe fresheners and speakers at a loss, I adjusted my strategy and bought my own shipping envelopes. I also changed my pricing strategy to increase margin. This is all perfect when the items sell, but I’m slowly learning that not everything sells on eBay. The strategy to make it a worthwhile journey is ever changing and I’ve been making the necessary pivots as they come up.

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This is a tool pouch I bought in September from Ross. I got 2 of them for around $5 and one sold with about $8 in profit right before the listing expired on eBay. 3 months later, the last one is left with no hopes of a sale. I’ve lowered the price multiple times with no success. I’m not a handsy person so this isn’t an item I’d use if kept. It must be sold so I’ll end up lowering the price just to at least break even. This taught me that just because something sells at a certain price and time period, that doesn’t mean that a second item will do the same. Worst case scenario is selling it a loss, but here’s to hoping that doesn’t happen.

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These are cards I got at from the thrift store. In store analysis showed there was an opportunity to make money so I bought them. I can home and posted online with crickets and it’s been 2 months. I’ve decided to sell these as a lot once the individual listings expire. I figure there will be a better chance of selling as bulk.

This amount of inactivity and listing expirations is annoying and disheartening. Giving up at this point would be too easy, so I have to keep trying to get better at this. A friend of mine that was moving gave me a bunch of his stuff, one being a Keurig coffee maker. My coffee consumption is limited to the office so I had no use for it. Prices on the internet showed little to no possible profit after shipping. Posting it on Letgo had a sale within 2 weeks. I drove about half hour to meet the buyer, but that a small cost I’m comfortable with rather than waiting for multiple weeks. On that Last trip to the thrift store, I also got some paintings and baseball cards I’ll have to find different avenues and platforms to sell on as the volatility on those are high on eBay and similar sites. This is just another lesson about knowing when and how to pivot. It’s important to evolve in the environment we stay in or else we give up on ourselves and lose. I’ll now be looking into selling on Amazon and other platforms as It’s always good to not put all the eggs in one basket anyways.