I've Finally Made Up My Mind About Multilevel Marketing Companies

Ever since I've gotten out of high school, I've been involved in 4 MLM networking companies or groups, and vetted 1 thoroughly. It seemed these recruiters were targeting me. I was always skeptical but just as hopeful and optimistic. That contradiction made me lose some money and also helped me gain some great knowledge as to how these companies value human beings.  

The first one was 5Linx. A friend of mine got me introduced and I ended up going to an introductory meeting at a leader's home. Following that was a regional meeting where a fancily dressed man went on stage to talk about his experience in the company and all the money he's made. I was leaving town for college, so I cut off contact before signing up.

The second time was while I was in college. A member of Amway approached me in the grocery store and struck up a conversation. After some rapport, he gave me a pitch of the business he was in. I was easily swayed into setting up a meeting where we talked more about the business and he showed me the shopping portal where people go to buy products offered. After learning how much it was going to cost to begin, I cut off contact because I was a poor college student at the time.

A year after graduating college, My coworkers introduced me to the Life Leadership company. They hooked me by offering financial fitness content in forms of audio CDs and books. It's a topic I'm really interested in, so I signed up and went to several meetings. The monthly membership wasn't something I couldn't afford, so I also cut off contact.

The latest was also with a group under Amway. I was recruited the same way as the first one (In a grocery store) and ended up going to 3 meetings. Their membership fees were also too expensive to fit into my budget so I cut off contact. I came away from this last one with with great self awareness. 

All of these company got me because the people that approached me were nice and promised financial wealth. I now understand their strategy of leveraging the naivete of the general public and I don't agree with it. I don't think these companies are scams or illegal, but I do question the ethics behind them. Everyone is looking to create wealth and will find different ways to do so. By being self aware, I know MLM networking companies are not for me. If you have any questions about my time with any one of them, drop a comment below.