Sourcing Domestic Items For Arbitrage

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With hopes to start a company, I relied on what I know best. That’s posting and selling items online to sell. Sometimes those items end up being things around my house and other times, It’s things I buy low at one place to later sell for a profit. What I’m learning is there are many places to get potential products.

After going to store after store, I was feeling like there’s a shortage of places to get products to sell. Stores like Ross and Burlington Coat Factory don’t always have items for sale and finding that right product is sometimes left up to timing and serendipity. To me, this is a classic lesson of product sourcing. My professional background is in supply chain so I decided to apply what I know and start sourcing for more items. It didn’t necessarily have to be at scale since my goal was to mirror my lessons from finding items from brick and mortar stores and web stores like Amazon and Ebay.

After doing some research, I ended up finding other online auctions. One of them is the government auctions website at the link bellow.

Government Auctions

Items featured here are from government auctions and bank foreclosures sold at a discount. I’m adding this source to my list of resources I’ll be checking weekly.  

Government Auctions

I’ve been doing a lot of research and have been finding many sources. I’ll be letting you know as I find them.