Investing: Real Estate Beginnings

I’ve written a post a few weeks able about how I’m planning to invest in real estate. This type of investment will be another venture to explore how to provide value to other people. The more I learn about the industry, the more I realize there is an opportunity to not only make money, but also to make sure people have a more secure place to call home. Here is what I’ve been doing to prep for this venture.

In order to continue educating myself on the industry, I’ve been watching as many youtube videos from current investors. Grant Cardone has a lot of content on the topic, and he goes in depth on many of the processes. All from how to find a good deal to how to finance it. I probably watch a video on a related topic at least once a week. That keeps my mind focused on pursuing this goal and has also been keeping me from getting content overload from the regular entrepreneurial content I consume.

Regular TV has some comparable content, whether it’s Fixer Upper or Property Brothers. These shows give more perspective into the cost and design of new homes or renovations. If I ever find myself into the fix and flip market, I will definitely get some motivation from these shows.

Consuming digital content can get exhausting for me, so I made sure to find a local community of real estate investors. 

I went to and searched local real estate groups. I found 2 and have been going to their monthly meetups. It’s a real eye opener to see people be helpful and insightful on all things real estate. Being face to face with everyone there motivates me even more. The hosts and other experts give lots of valuable advice and are quick to give out their numbers for further conversation. They really want everyone interested in real estate investing to win, and that makes it a very welcoming atmosphere. I have gotten some really good contacts from the meetings and will be reaching out.

In this game, money talks and I’m still carrying the my car and credit card debt. I’ve decided to start looking at deals before paying down the debt completely. Delaying my start in the game because of this debt doesn’t make sense. This way, I can continue to pay down the loans and also execute on my goals. The best way to invest in real estate is with zero personal money down and there’s many ways of making that happen. I’m still so interested in starting and really enjoying the learning lessons as they come. I will keep going to the local meetups. I’ll keep consuming the content from the experts. My time will come, If I keep executing.