Life Lessons From Blogging After 6 Months

Life Lessons From Blogging After 6 Months

Blogging has been a method for me to get my thoughts, actions and feelings out. It’s been a bit over 6 months now and thought this would be a good time to share what I’ve learned and how It’s affected me. When I first started, I didn’t really know where I’d be. I took the narrative from other blogs and decided to use that as my foundation.

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I'm Learning To Trust The Process

Trusting the process is a message many successful people have said over and over again. For a while in my life, it was really hard for me to believe that message. In my mind, it's really easy for someone who's already achieved their goals to give that kind of advice. How could they know, right? In my 20 some years of life, I'm happy to say it's making sense as the days go on. I used to get so stuck on the end achievement of a goal that everything in the middle got so overwhelming. In my experience, feeling like that often made me not want to try. For the past year, I've changed my mindset on the way I viewed the message. 

Instead of thinking about the end goal and every micro task that makes that end goal happen, I don't think about either anymore. If I give myself all the tools to succeed by consuming all the right content and surrounding myself around the right people, the only thing left to do is to simply live life. I've found this out in my fitness as well as my professional career goals.

Sculpting a physique means creating a good workout routine along with a great diet plan. In the past, after a few months following the routines and not experiencing any change, I'd change the goal, which meant stopping. Nowadays, I know that consistency and proper eating are key to body goals. I simply have to keep going to the gym and count calories and I know the ultimate goal will happen. At work, instead or thinking about becoming a CEO one day, I've been doing all the tasks I'm given as well as I can, and attempting to network properly.

To me, the process used to be something I'd have to think about over and over again. I just have to keep feeding my hunger and live the best life I can. I'm trusting the process. I'm trusting life.