Making The Trinity Of Me Stronger

In my teens, I wasn't happy with me. It took until my 20's to understand I was experiencing some mental health issues. That acknowledgement was the first step to acceptance and getting better. What I've learned is mental health problems come in many ways from light to severe conditions. I've learned I have to make sure my physical, mental and spiritual states are in check if I want to be in a good head space. The goal of achieving 1% better everyday is my approach to these three things. 

The physical has been fun to work on. Currently, my goal in this arena is to get stronger, cut down on body fat and also build consistency with dietary habits and activity. For my mental state, I find that consuming content I care about really helps. Lately, it's been reading personal finance blogs and watching/listening to entrepreneurs. Not only do these contents put me in a better place, but they also motivate and influence my actions. For me being spiritual means a lot. I can go to church and also meditate. I use that time to disconnect and feel closer to a higher being. 

When I work on all three, I'm always happy. When one slips, I find myself thinking negatively and that affects how I live. My goal is to make sure I don't let one slip so that I can always work to be better everyday. Mental health is important and should always be a priority. If we are all a better version of ourselves, the impact will be great. The fist step is learning there is a problem and accepting that it's okay. The next step is knowing what will make it better. Find your trinity of you.